Thank You for Your Interest in Joining the LOVEolution. Our Group is for Parents and Professionals Who Are Committed to Seeing Themselves and Their Children Differently. In Other Words, Those Ready to Escape the Parenting Matrix.

Is this you? 

Let's find out.
The parents we have the most success with are those who have tried everything else. Usually you have tried some variation of the same approaches, diagnoses, techniques,  and medications etc over the course of many years and now the time has come when you realize that everything you have been told is just another variation of what you've heard in the years prior. You are no longer willing to do the same thing and expect a different result. You've come to the realization that there is something missing and you know that you are the one who will find it.
The professionals we work with have already begun to remove the wool from their eyes. You have been practicing or teaching for several years now and you've noticed that there has to be something different to offer than what you have been taught by professors and supervisors. You have already begun the journey and the question , "There has to be something else, where is it?" has become seared into your working awareness. You are burning with a desire to take your knowledge, awareness and practice to the next level.
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